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Post Removal

Post Removal

If a tooth develops a problem underneath a crown, it may be necessary to remove the crown to carry out treatment. With the use of specialised equipment it is often possible to remove a crown without damaging it, so it may be possible to put the crown back at the end of the procedure.

Some crowns on previously root canal treated teeth have a metal post that extends into the root of the tooth. Similarly, these can be removed using specialised equipment to allow a root canal treatment to be re-done. If it is not possible or deemed too risky for the tooth to remove a post, your endodontist may recommend a different treatment (an apicectomy).

How easy or possible it is to remove a crown or post without damaging it or your tooth will vary depending on the crown material, cements used, how much natural tooth remains, or how long the crown has been there. If it is not possible to remove a crown in this way it can be cut, but you will require a new crown afterwards.



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