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File Removal

File Removal

Broken instruments can become wedged inside root canals. These fragments can be removed successfully by a variety of methods using specialised equipment and with the use of high-level magnification in our practice. Ideally, the fractured file should be removed to allow the whole canal to be treated and filled. However, if it is not possible or deemed too risky/damaging to remove the file through the canal, then it may be preferable to bypass the fragment, or surgically remove the affected section of root.  The endodontist will advise you on the most appropriate option for your tooth.

It is important to keep cleaning your teeth as usual but to be gentle when cleaning around the operation site. You will be advised to rinse your mouth with warm saltwater, 3-4 times per day. Dissolvable stitches are normally used, so you do not need to come back to have these removed. A review appointment will be scheduled to check healing.



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