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Intentional Reimplantation

Intentional Reimplantation

In some cases, endodontic retreatment or apical surgery is impossible or impractical. In these situations, intentional replantation may be considered as a last resort for preserving the tooth.

Intentional replantation is extraction of a tooth to do extraoral root canal therapy, curettage of apical lesion when present, and its replacement in its socket. It has been proposed as an alternative to routine extraction; however, it should be considered a last resort because the root may be fractured during extraction.

Risks- The success rate of intentional replantation is far below than routine endodontic treatment or apical surgery. Difficultness of tooth extraction, the possibility of fracture during extraction and the risk of external resorption are some limitations of this treatment. The most common causes of failure in intentionally replanted teeth are external inflammatory resorption or replacement resorption and ankylosis caused by periodontal ligament damage.



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